• How to use telemarketing in your business to generate sales
  • We will identify your target audience and find new customers
  • We will set up your database which is critical administration
  • We will write a telemarketing script that works for your company
  • How to plan and structure your calls for maximum effectiveness
  • How to ensure that your telemarketing remains compliant and within the law
  • How to get past the gate keeper and talk to decision makers
  • How to sell the benefits not features of your product or service
  • How to handle objections that relate to your product or service
  • Understanding why people buy and recognizing buying signals
  • We will make live genuine sales calls
  • We will measure results and calculate your return on investment

The cost of the three days training is £595 (within 30 miles of Rotherham town centre) which is payable 7 days in advance (I am not VAT registered)



01709 584039

Telemarketing Training

Rotherham, Doncaster, South Yorkshire