Learn, Implement and Execute Telemarketing successfully

I specialise in designing and delivering bespoke one to one telemarketing training for SME’s based solely around your company

The training is specifically aimed at SME’s who have either no telemarketing personnel or they are considering undertaking telemarketing themselves and have had no formal training.  Perhaps you have an employee in mind for the role of telemarketing and feel they would benefit from a short introductory course or perhaps you yourself are ready for the challenge and are looking for telemarketing training that will help you increase sales, appointments and leads for your own company.

I recognise that each business is unique but practically every company in every sector could benefit from implementing a telemarketing procedure into their business.

Telemarketing can enhance your existing sales and marketing activities or it can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ strategy to increase your sales and help you to streamline your existing sales efforts.


This is a hands on, three day training course, structured into 12 modules and it is delivered at your place of business.


This intensive three-day training course teaches business owners or their nominated sales person how to implement a telemarketing procedure into their business to enhance their ability to increase sales and profitability.


I work one to one with business owners, managers, directors and the self- employed who recognise the value that telemarketing can bring to their marketing mix.

I do not undertake group training.


Before any training is undertaken I will have a two hour meeting with you to gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of your business, your unique selling points and marketing objectives. Only by doing this can I create a bespoke training programme tailored to your needs, requirements and abilities.

There is no charge for this meeting and there is no obligation on either side to proceed with the training if it is felt that it would not be viable to do so.



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Telemarketing training

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